Introduction : Language resource of Kui (masinlak)

Language resource of Kui (masinlak)

Language: Kui (Masin Lak)
Location: Alor, NTT, Indonesia
Depositor: Asako Shiohara

Outline of project
This project aims at distributing language resource of Kui (Masinlak) (ISO 639 identifier: kvd), one of the indigenous languages spoken in Alor Island, NTT province, Indonesia. The resources include recordings of word list and Kui Legends, which is collected in August 2001 and 2005 in Moru, Alor.

Language Community
Kui (Masin)

One video recording of a legend and audio recordings of two folktales with rough transcription, and word list with audio recordings.
[as of 25 Aug 2014]